Month: January, 2010

"New" finds

I’ve been going through all of my bookmarks the past few days and doing a much needed process of organizing, categorizing, tagging and trashing. I forgot I had so many good resources of inspiration in here! Thought I’d share some of the lovely stuff I’ve rediscovered.

Daily Poetics (featuring Misako Inaoka)

Grain Edit (featuring Andrio Abero)

Mint Design Blog (featuring More.)

Personism (featuring Joseph O. Holmes)

Form Fifty Five (featuring The Pencil Factory)

the portfolio of Jasmine Raznahan

the portfolio of Keetra Dean Dixon

Sound and Vision project


New mail

The new issue of Ninth Letter has arrived! Heath and I worked together on the design of a wonderful piece written by April Freely called Garden Valley. We were also privileged to work with Chicago printer Dexterity who provided the letterpress work while Swift Impressions did the cover. Because of the unique structure of her writing, it actually works as one of the supplemental pieces outside the mag. Using an accordion format, it can be read by flipping through like a normal book, or folded out completely and read as a long scroll. Our cover (front + back) was greatly inspired by Guy Debord’s psychogeographic maps.








The dust has settled… but looking forward to more.

We moved in to our new place a little over a week ago, and we even have our real bed set up and internet and photos on the wall. It’s like we live here now.

It’s been a crazy couple weeks of packing and cleaning and moving and unpacking and cleaning some more. I generally get nostalgic about places pretty easily… and the couple years spent in Chicago and in our Chicago apartment are no exception. I love the feeling of home. But with that said, I’m sure this is another home I can get sentimental about leaving. However, there is one thing I promise not to shed a tear over. It’s the anticipated removal of the giant cabinets in our shower. You read right—giant. cabinets. in. shower.

shower_front copy
Something large peeks out from above the shower curtain…

shower_above copy
… and upon sitting in the “shower,” you realize the 53″ high luxurious cabinets are too deep (at 13″) for you to stand up.

We’ve taken to calling it the hobbit shower. There is actually a hand shower connected, but there would be no feasible way to mount it on the wall with all that cabinet in the way. As seen in the second photo, someone had put a handful of hooks underneath the cabinet, no doubt to hang the showerhead from… though we are unsure of what the most strategic way to do that would be. Basically, the capabilities include a) taking a bath. and b) taking a sitting shower. The good news is that our landlord chuckled and agreed it was super strange when we questioned the arrangement. He said he wanted to take them out, but just ran out of time before we moved in. Whew.

The question(s) remains… how did this come about? I assume the cabinets were first, then the bath came second? Did the former tenants actually prefer to only take baths? How do you take a bath in a hurry (is it possible)? Who installed the hand shower? And how in the world are they hanging it on those hooks under the cabinet?

I tried to open up my mind to what a shower is generally designed as and what it could be. And I thought, “maybe this will be a really great new way for me to bathe.” And after a week of squatty showers, nope, it’s incredibly inefficient and I can’t wait to stand up and have it be just like the old days.