1,000 Little Hammers

by whitewirestudio

Heath’s latest project, 1,000 Little Hammers, reads:

We are a traveling info-shop that shifts its content to correspond to the space we table. We try and insert ourselves into spaces that typically are without radical political content at their fingertips. The goal is not only to make political art, but to make art politically. We want to do both.

He wanted a mark that could be placed on the table, flyers, and the blog in order to help identify these zines as a part of the same library. In our approach, we thought about the inherent DIY aesthetic of zines, the nature of tools + dismantling, and the idea of information distribution as a weapon. Here are a few of the sketches:


And here’s a shot of the next stage…

The one with the writing in the hammer was too fussy and felt a bit flimsy. The handdrawn, more ornate ones were too hip (as Heath said “too Juno-esque”), though we liked the juxtaposition between the strong content within the zines and the ultra-amiable tone of these little guys. But the other one with the little multiplied books felt solid—approachable, like a library, yet had good weight. That was the winner. And Heath was able to paint it on this tablecloth rather easily, which was a bonus! Check it out if you get a chance.