I give in.

by whitewirestudio

So these were posted on swissmiss over a week ago. Since then, I’ve seen them around a couple more times on a couple more blogs (cool points go out to people noticing this before the swissmiss post). And since I’ve peeked them more than once myself in the past 10 days, I thought I might as well just post a few of the ones I’ve been drooling over. I’m talking about the Triboro Leftovers:

Triboro Leftovers is a compilation of unpublished type treatments, photos, sketches,  illustrations and logo explorations that we have created over the years. Rather than allow these to remain lost on our hard drives we decided to set them free. We mashed together elements from hundreds of different projects—and in the process—deliberately stripped the elements of their original context and meaning. The results are visual remixes which stand on their own.





I love the new fictional and fantastic context so much. I wonder if Triboro’s clients would be able to pick out which detached elements/experiments were for their own projects. Ah, the designer’s graveyard is always, and inevitably, quite full, isn’t it?