Archer as bailout?

by whitewirestudio

Archer is one pretty, well-designed typeface. And it’s everywhere. While it was created by Hoefler & Frere-Jones for Martha Stewart Living, it has spread like crazy to every other scene imaginable. It has whimsy. It has finesse. It has style. It has the ability to be a warm fuzzy to our failing economy?


Lauren Adams, an MFA student in MICA’s design program, published a short essay discussing Archer’s ubiquity on AIGA’s site last week.

Archer boomed right when the U.S. economy went bust. With unemployment continuing to soar and businesses declaring bankruptcy, with newspapers and magazines folding and personal savings accounts shrinking, Americans, more than ever, crave trust, comfort, friendliness and other fuzzy feelings. Companies are responding, and Archer may be part of the solution.