White Wire

by whitewirestudio

It’s up!

Since moving to Iowa City, I decided I wanted to do a slight revamp of my site. My old one with indexhibit was great—super easy to use from my end and an incredibly efficient way for users to flip through my work. I’d recommend it to anyone who is looking for just that. But now, not only did I want a personal portfolio up, I wanted one that was more explicit in how to get in touch with me (goal being to get work, of course). Then came the much larger realization that what I really wanted, beyond just the site, was to be a full-time self-employed designer and be able to work directly with clients. I didn’t just want to be “Becky Nasadowski—I’ll help you on my down time if you want—designer.”

And what better way to get into character than to develop a new one? So I decided on White Wire. Why this name? Well, being the mind map lover that I am, I set out to dissect and connect word after word as I embarked on the naming process. I ended up melding two which felt completely comfortable to me. One very much describes my aesthetic and love for subtlety and space. The other is indicative of relationships—joining two things together, often quietly and with great precision, to create contact. Perfect.

I designed the site—shock to no one with how clean and minimal it is—and got a great big pile of help to code everything from my friend Michael Courier (interactive designer + photographer extraordinaire) in Chicago. Hit him up if you need the goods!

(And check out whitewirestudio.com if you need the print goods.)