Speaking of Portland…

by whitewirestudio

As I went through the bajillion posts on my google reader, I saw (in a few places) Kate Bingaman-Burt’s Obsessive Consumption book is now for sale.




Book By Its Cover (the blog of Julia Rothman from ALSO) did an interview with Kate last month, and you can read more in her own words here, but the short of it is… back in grad school Kate lived off of her credit cards—why not, just add another dinner on the card as long as you’re taking out thousands of dollars for school, right?—and upon graduating, had about 20 grand in debt.

In 2002, she began photo-documenting all of her purchases and created the Obsessive Consumption website. A couple years later, she started drawing her credit card statements with the promise of continuing this until her debt was paid off. Eventually she added on by drawing one thing she bought a day and building a monthly zine with these. Enter Princeton Architectural Press (who she had a relationship with from the illustration work she did for Handmade Nation), and ta-da the book was made. This past February, she was officially debt free. Though, I wonder how many other credit card statements this book will end up on… at least it’s only 20 bucks.

(Oh, and Kate currently teaches design at Portland State.)