Illegal Wedding Fair!

by whitewirestudio

Last December, 38 NY State Senators voted against gay marriage. And this Sunday in NYC to benefit Marriage Equality New York:

Eat, Drink, & Demand to be Equally Married!
You are cordially invited to attend an illicit new wedding fair featuring a hand-picked selection of talented event professionals dedicated to helping same-sex couples celebrate their love and commitment in style.

Equally Wed did an article on the event which says:

If you’ve ever attended a straight wedding fair, you probably haven’t gone to another one since. First, there’s all that heterosexist bride-and-groom lingo buzzing in your ears. And then the questions asked about your groom or husband-to-be, or quizzical looks if you’re a man checking out the bridal glory—and not as the gay best friend of the bride-to-be. … [Organizer of the event, Kiwa] Iyobe says they “looked around and noticed that while there were about a million ‘bridal fairs’ for heterosexual couples in NYC every year, there wasn’t anything comparable in production value for the LGBT community.

Folks will be there from LGBT-friendly companies to represent photography, invitations, catering, apparel, planning, etc—the whole works. So here’s to hoping the event goes amazingly, and hopefully next year’s fair will be bigger, better and legal to boot.

photo from Lez Get Real via Wikipedia