3D Typography

by whitewirestudio

I saw on Design*Sponge yesterday that a new book from Jeanette Abbink and Emily CM Anderson is out and about—3D Typography, published by Mark Batty, features over 100 international designers, typographers and artists. Here are some spreads:




In early 2009, I saw the Dimension + Typography show at ISpace in Chicago. Curated by Jimmy Luu and Ryan Molloy, they showed a lot of similar work to the new book (from what I can tell from their contributor list without spending the $45). I remember feeling a bit disappointed at the show. There was a whole lotta “neat” and not as much interesting as I had wanted. As 3d typography is becoming more hip and prevalent (gallery shows, books, commercials), I think a lot of it is moving toward the coolness and away from the area of mind-blowing linguistics. But as with most “art” practices, I guess that’s always the case, right?