Ghost Bikes Film

by whitewirestudio

The ghost bikes film documentary project is exploring the intersection of street art, activism, and mourning on the streets of cities around the world.

A new documentary, Ghost Bikes Film: Portland to London, is in the works of being made, and needs a bit of financial assistance. Meaghan Wilbur and crew have set up an account using Kickstarter which makes it super simple for folks to hook up funding immediately—it actually connected right to my amazon account and was easy-peasy. At varying levels of donations, you can get private access to blogs, postcards, copies of the film, etc. But most importantly, you’ll help get this movie out there. Check out the trailer below, and some more words from their website:

Since bicycling, for numerous excellent and timely reasons, is becoming a more ubiquitous part of our transportation environment, tragedies that were once brushed aside as mere accidents are now becoming emblematic of an infrastructure and culture that needs to change. Stories about road rage from LA and Chicago made recent headlines.

Since January 2009, we have been collecting footage and interviews for a feature length documentary about the worldwide ghost bikes project. Beginning in our own backyard in New York City, we started with the ambitious goal of photographing each of the over 60 ghost bikes that have been installed in NYC since 2005.