Aw, I’m sorry art schools…

by whitewirestudio

but, it’s amusing nevertheless.

From today’s Grain Edit post (via Johnson Banks: Thought for the Week), some checklists are passed on to carry with you to such events as graduating student shows (including of course, a phone app):




As they mention over there at Grain Edit, this is of course a bit cruel. You can’t blame anyone for not knowing any better, right? You know who we can blame—the designers who have been practicing for years and still falling victim to many of these cliches. (I’m sure I’ve made some tired blunders myself…)

Anyway. My favorite is the Poster Pose—that really is everywhere, isn’t it? And the Manifesto—”The best thing to do with a boring message that nobody cares about is to call it a manifesto and make it look important.”