Weekend escapades

by whitewirestudio

H was out of town this weekend, which meant my productivity was up at home. After slowly gathering screenprinting materials for a while now, I’ve finally put together the janky set-up on the porch I’ve been dreaming of and gave it a whirl.


Not a complete success, but not as scary as I thought it would be. To start, I didn’t use any darkroom lights, and just applied the emulsion to the screen in the bathroom as quickly as I could. I put it in the cabinet under the sink to dry, which only took a couple hours. (From what I’ve read, people estimated time for drying to take from 1 hour to 2 days—which is a pretty big difference.)

Then I got to use the excellent pie-tin lamp creation on the porch. I had ordered a BBA No. 1 photoflood bulb from Amazon, so it only took 10 minutes to burn the image. And when I washed it out, I got this:


So it didn’t burn quite as well as I would have liked. I tried printing with it anyway and got a little bit of a result (which was exciting!) but certainly not good enough. I’m 99% sure this is because the transparency I printed at home wasn’t opaque enough. It came out a little grayish instead of completely black… but I tried it anyway. Next trial, I’m going to try doubling up transparencies by taping them together, but I can imagine this only works for large areas, and not when you have fine detail in case it doesn’t match exactly? We’ll see.

In other news, Tiger found his new summer spot.