by whitewirestudio

Over this past weekend (oh… is it Wednesday already…?) we found this beauty of a typewriter at a local rummage sale for FIVE dollars:



It seems to be in decent shape apart from the carriage not advancing on its own. Though, neither one of us knows anything about typewriters, so maybe that’s actually a really difficult/expensive problem to have. We’ll see. From some small research, I think it’s a model 17 (as seen here) from Remington Rand, which was produced from 1939-50 with a couple different variations during that time. Also, it’s remarkably heavy… not good for transporting, or inevitable relocation of living space. But it sure does look good sitting on the dresser right now.

We’ll have to take it to a local shop to see what the cost would be to repair it. But until then, there’s plenty of lessons to be learned.