Abbott Miller – The Design of Conversation

by whitewirestudio

If I’m sitting in a room by myself, I don’t get ideas. I actively get ideas because I’m talking.


A nice little read from Design Bureau on Abbott Miller (and a really GQ photo to boot).

At its core, Miller sees graphic design as a medium based on the exchange of ideas. “What defines design is that it’s not private—it’s always social. It’s you, your presumed audience, your immediate design team, your client, and then the general public.” While there are ample opportunities in a project to make formal decisions and address issue of style—the “designy” parts of the design—they are always second to an expression of his subject matter, the meaning he is attempting to convey, and the overall intent of a given project. “My worst experience with a book or exhibition is when someone comes to me and says, ‘I’ve got it all figured out. I just need you to do this.’ It’s kind of like someone just ate all the food, and you’re there to do the dishes.”