by whitewirestudio

Artemis Russell and Nao Utsemi love each other. They also work together to run a jewelry shop, RUST, in London. Artemis runs this blog, tales of a junkaholic where I found—in great detail—all the little facets of their wedding. Which yay, my favorite part, the invitations. And these. Are. Gorgeous. (oh, and also handmade… just like every other little thing from their wedding)






The details are just amazing in this whole wedding. It’s a traditional day in the fact that… a) it’s a wedding. b) bride wore white. c) family and friends attended a celebration. But non-traditional in the fact that it doesn’t look like they succumbed to any obligatory wedding rules that weren’t personal to them—like inviting a million people they aren’t close to, church + hotel ballroom combo, or even the groom wearing pants (shorts? yes please.). See every little thing documented here on her blog.