Neil Kellerhouse

by whitewirestudio

LA designer + photographer Neil Kellerhouse was brought to my attention by this (very) recent post from GraphicHug and I can’t help but post it again here, because holy molez. Be-a-utiful. As they mentioned over there, it’s likely that you’ve seen at least one thing from him as he’s gotten a lot of high-profile work. I was at a book reading the other day (for Sara Marcus’ new book Girls to the Front—looks/sounds great, ps) and while standing in line at her table saw the book cover for The Informant.


My reaction was, “oh thank goodness! I hate when the movie comes out, and they replace the book cover with the silly movie poster that has the giant photo of the actor/actress. This is nice. You can hardly even tell it’s Matt Damon.” Well. That was the movie poster they used—the movie poster that Kellerhouse did—and still. It’s great. (that image above is [perhaps obviously] not the book cover I saw, but the movie poster from Kellerhouse’s portfolio) Here’s some more of his work… but really. Go look at all of it.