BabiesBabiesBabies. Annie McElwain.

by whitewirestudio

I just came off a weekend trip to Chicago where I was able to catch up with old friends and also celebrate the latest soon-to-be mom. I feel like babies are everywhere around me these days, including adorable images in my Google Reader. Or maybe I’m just more perceptive now that baby talk is in my ears and babies are in my arms. And while it’s a time in the way distant future until one of these are in my own home, I can still love those around me and enjoy the talented photographers that I come across. Annie McElwain is an LA-based photog who has some pretty cute lil ones in her portfolio. Check out her site for more. And to all the new parents out there: just because you’re entering what probably feels like a serious marker of adulthood, does not mean you need to have bad taste and fake backdrops.