The Show ‘n Tell Show

by whitewirestudio

The Show ‘n Tell Show will be at my alma mater, University of Illinois in Champaign, this Friday the 25th. If you’re in town, you’d be silly to miss this talk show representing designers, photographers, poster artists, and more.

First of all, check out this amazing video. It’s kind of perfect.

Secondly, here are the Chicago-based guests that will be there this time around:

Jay Ryan
If you’re in Champaign or Chicago and know posters, you know Jay Ryan who runs the bird machine.

Chris Strong
Strong is a photographer with a pretty great, and versatile, portfolio.

Jason Harvey
Harvey is a book designer (among other print work) who does both covers + interiors, including working with Jay Ryan on his book shown below.

Jennifer Beeman
Beeman is a photographer turned fashion designer who started HOUND making be-a-utiful clothing.

Mike Coulter
And finally, Coulter writes for buzz magazine in Champaign with such pieces like this one on e-mail: “It’s like talking, except that we get the impression that other people pay attention to us when we e-mail. They’re effective and easy, yet ultimately kind of unfulfilling. Many people worry that their actual intentions and tone often aren’t being fully communicated, and I totally get that. On the other hand, I’m often afraid my frequent use of sarcasm isn’t being conveyed in the rat bastard way it was intended, so it can bite you in the ass either way.”

More will be added later… but regardless of who it is, if you’re in Champaign you should be at the Link Gallery on Feb. 25th at 7:30pm.