Jason Munn

by whitewirestudio

One of my favorite poster designers, Jason Munn, has been in the (blog) spotlight this past week due to his Alamo Drafthouse series for their Texas Monthly Rolling Roadshow. Here’s one for Bonnie and Clyde:


It’s great. But it just reminds me that I’ve never posted some of my other favorites of his greats. He’s been around for quite some time, and has even compiled a book of over 150 posters he’s done for different musicians which came out last year: The Small Stakes: Music Posters.


This book from Chronicle is super nice with some lovely metallic ink (it was one of my Christmas presents to myself… thanks, me) and features posters for the Pixies, Broken Social Scene, Iron & Wine, The Books, Wilco, Animal Collective, yada yada yada…

grain edit did an interview with him a few years back, which is pretty charming… like all of their interviews. Short and worth a read. And while you can still purchase a bunch of prints from his site, he has sold out of quite a few—or simply doesn’t list them anymore as they grow older. Doesn’t mean we can’t ohh and ahh over his smart simplicity, though, now does it?