a little more like this… yes!

by whitewirestudio

More & Co. = a studio in Portland, Maine, comprised of Christopher David Ryan, Ryan Thomas Shimala, and Maria Alexandra Vettese who do the following: Art Direction + Concept; Book Design + Publishing; Casting + Styling; Design + Branding; Doodles + Drawings; Insight + Strategy; Photography + Video Production; Web + Social Media

::deep breath::  got that?

Maria Alexandra Vettese is also half of 3191 Miles Apart, a project/site that I’ve posted about a couple years ago, because I’m in love with it. Check out the site for more photos like this:


but the short of it is, that Maria and Stephanie Congdon Barnes live 3191 miles apart, and they have found a way since meeting online in 2005 to stay connected via this site in some fashion. They started with A Year of Mornings, taking a photo each day in their respective location and then pairing it together, without any planning, as a diptych. This and other projects helped grow their budding friendship “based on a shared love of art and craft, simple things and a well-lived domestic life.” Lovely stuff.

SO. I keep checking back in periodically with More & Co. who not only do great work, but also keep an active blog that maintains the same great photography approach that I love about 3191. And man, if these shots don’t make you crave to be in a studio with people you adore doing work you love…